Rainy morning- blarg

Everything got measured last night for our new kitchen.  They will be out in 4 weeks for 4 days and then voila, I will have a brand new kitchen, which I am EXCEPTIONALLY excited about!  So excited, in fact, that I had to use my old kitchen last night even though J was really wanting to go get some take out.  But I had made the decision about what we were eating, so that was that.

I made tacos for dinner.  Ground turkey, some cheese, whole wheat tortillas (which stuck together, grrr...), salsa and spinach.  It was a filling dinner, unfortunately I was feeling snacky.  Lame.  So I snacked after dinner.  I definitely am feeling guilty about it now, especially because my meals were so "on" yesterday, but I am trying to move past it today. 

And that included waking up at 5 am as usual to get in my 3 miles!  I got them on the treadmill this morning.  I wanted to run outside so much.  It was about 50* outside, which is AWESOME for the middle of January, but it was windy and pouring down rain.  I had it been one or the other, THEN I would've sucked it up and run outside.  But since it was both I got dressed in a tank, knee sleeves, and shorts and headed to the gym.

I covered my three miles in 28:45.  Not a bad pace, but not my best either.  After that, I did two sets of ab work.  I did some planks and just some regular crunches.

When I got home it was time to make breakfast and take care of the dogs.  I decided that I wanted oats today in hopes that I will be less snacky tonight if I eat substantial meals all day.  I prefer "overnight" oats, but I find that if you give them 15-30 minutes in the morning, they usually get thick and cold enough that it works fine.

I started with a scoop of protein powder (I used cookies-n-cream today!)  To that I added 1/3 cup of oats, 1/3 cup of water, and 2 LARGE spoonfuls of plain, non-fat greek yogurt (we have the Trader Joe's brand right now).

After you mix it, it looks kind of gross, like the above picture.  So you put it in the fridge while you go about getting ready, taking your dogs outside, whatever.

After about a half hour, you take it out of the fridge and add your spoonful of almond butter to enjoy it!  And they were delicious today!  I think I might have gotten a little burnt out on oats a few weeks ago because I had been eating them every day.  But today they tasted great!

While my oats were refrigerating, I also packed my lunch for this afternoon.
You can clearly see the little apple, the chobani flavor is pomegranite, there is a slice of ezekial bread, a cup of spinach, 4 oz of chicken, and a small container (measure out at 0.5 oz) of fat free feta cheese.  That's my lunch and my snacks.  Its what I had yesterday as well and it was delicious.

As I said, it is raining out today.  It got really loud here in my office a few minutes ago because of how hard the rain is coming down, plus the wind.  I have never been in a hurricane before but I would imagine it would be something like this:
Not sure if you can tell from the picture how hard the rain is coming down, or that the entire parking lot is under water.  But it is.  It has already slowed down quite a bit since then, but it was a little scary for a minute or two!

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone, I have lots of work to do!


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