Monday morning - Back at It!

First of all, LOOK at what I found yesterday during my grocery shopping trip:
I know it is not Christmas anymore, but I went on a hunt for them right before Christmas and could not find them, so I am SUPER excited that I got to try them now.  They are pretty darn delicious! 

Yesterday turned out to be the laziest day ever.  I seriously sat on the couch and just browsed pinterest for the entire day.  You might say that I am addicted, I would say that I am inspired.  I think I found what I am going to make to bring to a ladies night party next weekend.  And I swear that is the only reason that I was on it all day.  Haha. 

As I stated yesterday, there was a lot of this going on:
(yes, he is my favorite.  But look, the other one is there too!)  And there was a lot of football watching. (Holy Tim Tebow!  I would not have expected that!)  And a lot of Dance Moms watching. Have you watched that show?  Its kind of Toddlers in Tiaras-esque, but with dance, therefore infinitely more interesting!

This morning I was up in time for my 5 am workout.  I am really glad I took a rest day yesterday, and my knee is grateful for it, although not grateful enough.  I am definitely going to be getting myself a little sleeve for it at lunchtime today.  I started out the morning work out with 20 minutes on the elliptical.   I followed it with this upper body workout.
Same are usual, but I think that you can see that I am getting stronger!  Levels up on a few exercises from last Wednesday!


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