Marathon Training: Week 4 in Review

I am through the 4th week of marathon training.  I have survived.  Today I actually got together to run my long one with a running group.  It was amazing.  I am definitely going to keep getting together with them on Saturdays and sticking with their long run plans.  Jes and I ran a bit slower than everyone else that was training for the marathon and we are going to call that "JEM Pace".  I guess last weekend Jes ran by herself because no one else runs as slowly.  Granted, she used to be able to keep up with the rest of the group (and I am no where close!) but I will take what I can get for this one.

Here's my 4th week of training, compiled.
The addition of yoga was a nice one, I think.  I definitely enjoyed it, and it helped with the strength training that I have felt lacking.

J and I got our 2011 taxes filed today.  I am pretty pleased about accomplishing that as well.  We got a decent federal refund, and owed a little in the state.  The net effect is quite favorable however, so I am pleased.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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