Marathon Training: Week 3 in Review

So here is the quick summary of my training this week.
I am still a little upset about yesterday's rest day, but ehhh...  I got my run in as required.  It got super icy out so I ended up on the treadmill unfortunately, but I survived it.  I suppose that is the best thing that I can ask for, right?  I got my 15 miles for the week all covered. 

Tomorrow might be a walk/run outside day.  Its supposed to be like 50* out!  That's ridiculous with today's ton of ice that we've got out there.  The plow has been up and down our street at least 5 times, and it is just scraping the ice off the road.  Its like just over 30* out there now, which is much warmer than last week's 7 miler, but with the ice, I just felt like it was a bad idea.  Even different running groups cancelled or postponed their group runs today because its just not a day for outdoor running.

Last night going out ended up being really nice.  We had a pretty good time.  Not too out of control, as expected and Donnie played Golden Tee with J which was good.  Leah's ex always told J no. 

My dad is almost here right now.  He wanted me to meet him at IKEA and to be honest, I just am not feeling up to it.  I honestly just hate going to that store.  But he really wants to go, so I guess I will just make it work.  We might be dropping J off to watch basketball, and then going there.  I am going to look for some kitchen stuff.  I cannot WAIT until the kitchen is finished because I just feel like until then, it is going to be messy.  My house is going to be messy, I mean. 

Dad should be here any minute, so I am going to end this entry here!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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