Marathon Training: Week 2 in Review

Week 2 has come and gone.  It was another good week.  I am very close to the point now when my Saturday runs are going to be the furthest I have ever run every time.  Not the next two weeks, but after that...  everything that goes over 10 miles is going to be the furthest I have ever run!

Today was a cold, snowy, hilly and icey 7 mile run in Blue Ash (where I live).  My friend Jes joined me, and it was really the first time I have ever done a training run with anyone else.  We covered the 7 miles that I had on my plan in 1 hour and 10 minutes, which was exactly what we wanted.  So I am extremely happy with that.  It was the furthest run that either of us have done since our injuries.  Her since tendonitis after the marathon, and me since the foot.

Here is the quick rundown of my week's workouts, runs and other training.
We are so proud of a 9:59/mile average today.

One perk?  I train on hills all the time.  So for most people, the pig can be tough.  I will be well prepared for it.  I have trained for two weeks now, 16 more to go! 

We have plans tonight with our friends Tim & Kathy.  We're going to eat wings and drink beer and watch football with them.  I am looking forward to it.


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