Marathon Training - Week 1: a Review

This morning's 6 mile run completed the first week of my Flying Pig Training.  It has been kind of a tough week, I think, considering the mileage is so low compared to what it will be in the future.  But I am still very proud.  I have 17 more weeks until I run a marathon, my first one ever. 

Here is this week's workouts in review:
Not a bad week.  None of my runs were super fast, but none of them were super slow, either, so I am pleased with the results.

Last night J and I decided to try a new restaurant.  It was called the Tap House Grill.  It is about as far away as some of our other favorites, and we did like it.  It is one of those places with a build your own burger menu.  They also have 28 beers on tap and far more than that in bottles.  J started his meal with a Blue Grass Bourbon beer.  And I got myself a pint of Miller Lite.  We ordered an appetizer, pulled pork nachos (no sour cream). 

They apparently smoke their own pork.  I thought it was really delicious.  The pulled pork and beer cheese were on top of saratoga chips.  I am not as big a fan of saratoga chips as I am of tortilla chips, so that was the only part that I didn't really like.  J didn't like the pork as much.  But it is definitely something that we would order again.

For our meals, J got a meatball sandwich which he said was very good, with a side of fries.  I had a "build your own" with chicken breast (grilled) on a pretzel bun, topped with bacon and blue cheese.  I definitely could have gotten more toppings but I was trying to just go simple for my first order.  I was only able to get through half of it though, so I am going to eat the rest for lunch today.  But we definitely enjoyed it and will go back again.  It is a very good alternative to the firehouse grill, which is one of our regular places.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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