Marathon Training: Day 1

Yep, today is the first day of Flying Pig training, and I had crosstraining on the schedule.  I have my first run tomorrow.  It is only three miles, but I am looking forward to feeling like I have a schedule and a goal again, since I have pretty much been winging it since my foot injury.  And so I am looking forward to having a nice schedule. 

Last night I went to bed around 9 with the dogs.  J stayed in the basement because he had a lot of sheiniwork to do.  I found Pretty Woman on TV and I was then settled in for the night.  Around 10 I put Zeus to bed and snuggled up with Teek to finish the movie.  Since J was not up yet, there was some strange things going on with Teek.  Teek likes to sleep under the covers, ALL the way under the covers.  And last night she came out from under there, I am guessing to be able to breathe again, and she ended up like this:
Yep, that is my pup, asleep with her head on a pillow and under the covers to stay warm.  She's a little freak.

J came up right at the end of the movie and made fun of me for watching it, and then immediately made a few references to the movie which proved that he has watched it many times.  That definitely made me laugh.

This morning I woke up and took the pups both out around 8 am and was greeted with this site:
Snow on my car!  That was only a little bit of the snow.  After that, it kept snowing and eventually the ground was covered.  When I got up an hour later to go to the gym, my car was completely covered and so were all of the streets!  And if anyone else has ever lived here, you will know that the one inch of snow covering the ground will cause all sorts of trouble! 

I drove over the the gym to get in 20-25 minutes on the elliptical, and then I was going to lift.  However...  Today is a holiday since New Years was on a Sunday.  And it is New Years, so everyone has started their new "get fit" resolutions.  *rolls eyes*  I feel that I can roll my eyes at that, as I am not just a New Years gym-goer.  I am a consistent goer always.  So when I got there and the parking lot was completely full and there were like 10 cars driving around looking for a spot, I was kind of peeved. 

I gave up.  I drove back home.  I am looking forward to back to work tomorrow, because it will definitely not be like that tomorrow morning.  Not at 5 am! 

So I came back here and did the 30 Day Shred.  I figure that is as good of crosstraining as the elliptical, plus I got some strength work in as well!  So I feel pretty good, and now I am enjoying my morning up of coffee. :)


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