Lunch to Chill

I decided to spend a bit of time relaxing at lunch today.  I planned it that way by not packing my lunch, and bringing a magazine with me to work this morning.  I still wanted to eat semi-healthy (especially since I know that date night potentially involves nachos and alcohol!) so to Panera I went.

Here is the scene from lunch.
So I was at all small 2-top table.  Right behind the chair across from me was the fireplace.  I had the asian sesame chicken salad with water for lunch and enjoyed a few articles from my Shape magazine, including the one about Molly Sims (she's on the cover!)

Here's the weird thing, my two top was directly next to another one.  Basically making it a table for 4.   There were no other smaller tables open, so I took the smallest one I could get (and was pleased as punch it was so close to the fireplace!) and the restaurant was mostly empty.  Now, after I sat there for like a minute, this couple came up and sat down at the table next to me, the one that was pretty much my table!  And they were having a serious conversation.  Jobs, moving, friends who were dealing with alcoholism, WTF?  It was uncomfortable sitting so close to people that I don't know, and even worse because they were talking about pretty serious topics in front of someone they didn't know.

I tried my best to just sit and read my magazine, but honestly, I just wanted to get out of there, which was a little frustrating since I had this plan all in my head about what I wanted for lunch today.

Today's pre-show dinner:
Yumm-o.  I am looking forward to it.  We always eat here before a show, which leaves us eating here about every other month-ish.  So it is a nice place to have some indulgences every now and again.  Nachos, pretzels, beer...  It's like going to a baseball game!  We tried going someplace different before a show once, and apparently that was not a good plan, because we immediately switched back to here and will not change. 

I have some big news, but I want to wait util its official before I post it, so I will save it for now.  I should know for certain for tomorrow!


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