A little organization

I hung out in bed last night after doing some cleaning and caught up on my DVR.  Sometimes my TV view was blocked, however...

Doesn't he looks like he is giving me the angry eyes in the first one?  Making an angr face at me.  And yes, if you can tell in the second shot, I WAS watching Glee while this was happening.

I did some cleaning and organizing in the bedroom, which was definitely much needed, and so I am glad that I finally forced myself to get it done!  It's about time.  I had gone to IKEA solo while J and my Dad were in Nebraska (early October, I think?) and had some organizational type things that were STILL sitting in my car after that, so yesterday I finally started getting them out and putting them to use!

I managed to wake up for my 5 am gym date with the strength machines.  I felt like a desperately needed it after only lifting once last week instead of all the time like I had been pre-marathon training.  Getting in there with the only plan to lift really perked up my 5 am spirits, I would say!  I started out with 20 minutes on the elliptical while watching sportscenter (and getting a little choked up/teary eyed at all the Joe Pa talk - I LOVED that guy!) and then moved right into this upper body/core workout:
It was pretty good and my arms felt exhausted once I was done.  Tonight I think I am going to give a little bit of yoga a whirl before dinner with J.  We're having leftovers.


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