Healthy (and YUMMY) chili!

So yesterday I got all geared up in my cold weather running junk to squeeze in my 4 mile marathon training run.  Having showers in my office is awesome, because I can do that. 
Can't use my phone with a glove on.  Stupid touch screen. :-)

I chose to do a different route than I usually do when I am running at lunch time.  I went the opposite way and decided I was just going to do a nice little out and back and cover 4 miles.  I was just going to turn around when the garmin said two.  Holy hills.  I guess once again, you don't think about it when you are driving but when you are on foot, it makes a world of difference.

Based on the hills, I was extremely pleased with my time.
Splits were:
Mile 1 - 9:28
Mile 2 - 9:13 (downhill)
Mile 3 - 9:58 (uphill)
Mile 4 - 9:24
I am pretty pleased.

And here I am post-run.  Considering how cold it was, I got pretty darn hot!
I did not pack my lunch yesterday because I was busy in the morning and figured I would just eat something in the office.  But the only 2 protein choices were salami and tuna.  I am not a salami person and just was NOT feeling tuna yesterday so I went next door and ended up with this salad:

Yummy!  Mandarin chicken salad.

I made an easy crock pot dinner for J and I last night.  He was perusing my Oxygen magazine while in the restroom and came across a recipe that he thought sounded good.  I threw it together in the morning and set the crockpot on low for the entire day.

While it continued to cook after I got home, I did another yoga podcast.  Well, I actually did the same one that I did the other day, but I finished it this time!  I did the full 1 hour 5 minute yoga workout.  It was pretty rough, but I was pleased to get through it.  I am also pleased that I did it twice this week, check my first week off my 101 list item about establishing  yoga practice. 

So, back to dinner...

Looks digusting, is delicious.  Chicken and sweet potato chili with kale.  Om nom nom.  J LOVED it.  He actually posted on facebook last night that I made the best dinner ever!  Yay for me!  Plus it was very good for us.  100% clean foods.  Well, maybe not chicken broth?  But it was free range, so that helps.  Lol.  I am eating it again for lunch as I am typing this.

I covered another three miles on the treadmill this morning.  First treadmill run all week!


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