Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

First things first...  Here is a Christmas picture from my mom's house that I forgot.  Enjoy the last little remnant of my Christmas celebration with my family!
That's my mom's tree with all of the presents under it for Christmas morning.  Its so beautiful and I just love love love the way my mom has always done her tree (mine is very similar!)

Last night for New Year's Eve J and I decided just to play it casual.  We decided not to really go out or anything.  We hung out in the morning and watched the Walking Dead and then around 3 pm we headed to our favorite bar (BW3, of course!) to watch the Bearcats game.  We hung out there for the whole game.  We had a nice time as usual.  Our favorite server (Lil Dee) was there, and we sat in her section, of course.  The Bearcats were big winners, so hooray!

We decided that we were not going to go to Jon's house for a party.  We just came back to the house after the game.  We busted open a bottle of champagne, poured ourselves some glasses, and turned on "The Hangover 2".  It was a pretty good movie.  We watched Shrek after that.  It was nice to have a nice long night in with my husband for our first married New Year's Eve.  Here are some of the remains of our evening:
Lol.  I woke up with a headache this morning. :)

So I decided that a good way to start the new year off on the right foot was to get some of the Christmas decorations put away.  So I took care of the tree and the Snow Village this morning.  Here was some pictures of my progress.

Look at my sad Christmas tree now that it is starting to lose all of the above ornaments.  It's completely empty now, and that made me feel really sad.  But I guess it is January now, so it is time to take it down!
There's my avacado ornament.  I really like it, which is why I took a picture of it.  Look at all the pretty glitter on it.  I love this one.

So every now and again I would sit down on the couch and rest for a minute before I got back to work.  When ever I sat down even for a minute the below would happen, and it would happen very quickly.

One of them right next to me, and the other curled up in my lap.  They are such cuddlebugs, it definitely made it tough to get back up and get to work.  But now, the tree and the village are all put away. :)

Hope every one had a wonderful and safe night last night!


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