Forgotten Muscles

I did 40 minutes of power yoga via a podcast that Allie recommended on her blog yesterday.  Dave Farmar's power yoga.  Now I have not done ANY yoga for quite some time.  I have been so focused on lifting heavy, etc, that yoga has kind of slipped away.  And I love it and how it makes me feel.  One of my 101 goals is to establish a twice per week yoga practice.   So when I saw about the podcasts, I figured that might be a good way to get back into it and work on it and see what kind of habits I can create before I think about spending another arm and a leg on classes. 

I followed up my yoga with a protein shake.
It was just vanilla whey.  A GNC brand that I had not tried before.  Pretty delicious, but I actually read the instructions on the tub as I was making it and it said one scoop with 6 oz of water.  Whoa.  That is a MUCH tinier shake than I have been drinking.  I have been doing 1.5 scoops with 20 oz of water.  I made it properly and it was much quicker to drink!

Yeah, I woke up this morning after sleeping like a ROCK at 4:34 am for my run.  My alarm gets louder as it goes off longer, and by the time I actually heard it, it was loud and Teek was losing it.  She was jumping all over the place waiting for me to get up.  I rolled onto the floor and turned the alarm off.  I contemplated getting back in bed, but I had to use the restroom.  And after that, I was up, so I threw on my tights and my fleece lined top before heading downstairs to finish getting ready. 

My legs felt like lead.  I only had three miles scheduled, but holy crap, that is the most tired my legs have felt in AGES!  Maybe not training legs too much during this marathon training is a mistake.  But heck, apparently yoga will train them good!  lol.  I stretched out a lot after my run (3.01 miles in 29:04), and things are feeling quite a bit better now, so that is good.

It was a chocolate protein overnight oats in a jar day!

Disgusting looking and oh so delicious.
Have a great day everyone.  J and I have a date planned for tonight. We're going to dinner and then to see Billy Elliott at the theater!


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