Dog Party!

This morning we had a little momma's lap dog party!

I think it is particularly amusing that Teek (the grey one) looks so different when you are looking straight toward her versus at the side of her.  Yes, I am aware that when J and I get pregnant, we are in a lot of trouble.  We have two very spoiled pups.

I was back at it at 5 am today.  I did not go out last night because I just felt awful.  When J got home he said that it probably was not from drinking, I just probably was sick.  Its one of those times where you almost wish it was from drinking though, because you can control that.  But needless to say, after staying in last night, and having a relaxing evening at home and getting to bed early, I felt much better this morning. 

I started out my workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical and then completed this strength workout.
I used the hoist machines a little bit today, but decided to try and complete a slightly more focussed workout.  And in the spirit of "not training legs to make sure I can run", I did a few body weight leg exercises.  I miss training legs super hard, but I figure this is for the best right now. 


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