A dinner - with a few remaining questions

Yesterday was a long day at work.  I felt SUPER busy for the entire day, and I was feeling like I was struggling to get through everything that I wanted to.  I ended up making it and leving around 5 minutes after 5 pm, after getting here at 7:30 am yesterday.  That means I worked 9 hours on Monday and 9.5 on Tuesday.  I like to work extra a few days per week because then I don't feel guilty in any way when J and I want to go up to Toledo for the weekend and we're leaving at 3 or something.  No one would care about that anyway, but it makes me feel better in my head.

I made a dinner last night that was loosely based off of a recipe that I came up with when I googled "I have chicken breasts, spinach and quinoa, what can I cook?"  Believe it or not, there were some answers!  So I ended up dredging my chicken breasts through egg whites and then whole wheat bread crumbs.  I cooked those in the oven for 30 minutes on a foil lined baking sheet (yay easy clean up!)  While those were in the oven, I cooked the quinoa (only two servings or 1 cup cooked - half cup uncooked) in some chicken broth.  I also sauted some spinach in a tiny bit of olive oil and garlic.  When the quinoa had soaked up all of the broth, I took the lid off and mixed in the spinach and garlic.  When dishing everything out, I topped the quinoa with a small sprinkle of parmesan cheese and some sliced almonds and squeezed a little lemon juice onto the chicken. 

It was delicious and filling and pretty good for us as well.  However I just don't think that I have mastered quinoa yet.  Even though I cooked it in broth, it just didn't have that much flavor! Maybe the mixins make all the difference.  Any advice out there?

I was beat when we went to bed last night, not completely sure why.  So I watched a little bit of Pawn Stars with J while lotioning his back (he has very bad psoriasis and it is itching and very dry right now, so we have been using a lot of eucerin lotion to try and help - that was recommended by his dermatologist!) and then pretty much was out.  Probably just after 9 pm, if I had to guess.  I guess I needed it.

When the alarm went off this morning at 4:34 am, I had to think.  I knew I had 4 miles on my schedule this morning, but I had to make a quick decision on whether to try and get through 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym or to go outside where the 4 would be very cold but probably go a bit more quickly (as well as be a little less boring, of course). 

The decision was made for me when I realized my tights were in the basement.  They were clean, but they were still down there from the other day when I washed them (they got REALLY sweaty in that 20 degree weather that Jes and I ran in on Saturday).  So I got dressed in a tank and some crops with my knee sleeves and headed out. 

I covered my 4 miles on the treadmill in 38:52.  Not bad.  Approximately 9:40 miles.  I was watching "Knowing" (with Nicolas Cage) in the Cardio Cinema.  Hello one of the greatest things about my gym!  I didn't have to worry about headphones.  I didn't have to flip through channels to find something good to watch, I just got in there, set the treadmill to 6.2 mph and ran.  After I got to 4 miles I walked until I reached 45 minutes.  It felt pretty good today.  It was quicker than the normal steady state cardio pace that I sent for myself, which I was pleased with. 

I hae three miles tomorrow plus 5 on Saturday which will take me to 15 for the week!


  1. quinoa's lack of flavor is kind of its appeal, I think -- it's like rice, or pasta -- you can make it taste like anything. In fact, not a lot of people seem to do this but I like to cook mine with sauce, like pasta sauce, or mix hummus in to coat it for extra flavor.


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