Back to the Real World

I am back to work today.  I had the best of intentions for the day, but kind of let them go when it was tough to get to sleep last night.  I suppose it is the staying up later than usual and sleeping in later than usual over the holiday that got to me!  So before I even fell asleep I changed my alarm from 4:34 am to 5:25 am, figuring I could get up and do a quick Shred or WOD. 

At 5:25 when my alarm went off, I got up and went to the bathroom, but then got back in bed until 6.  I did not go back to sleep, I just lay there awake.  I figure being up at all will help me get this body back on schedule for some 5 am gym times here this week.  I am going to try for it tomorrow for sure.

At 6 I got up, took the dogs out, and got ready for the day.  I am planning on making a real effort this year to dress better at work, so I put on khakis and a sweater and put my hair in a pony.  I didn't want to spend the time blowdrying, etc, when I was going to work out at lunchtime.  After that I fed the dogs and got my breakfast out.  I had a bowl of overnight oats prepared.  These were kind of cookies-n-cream flavored (due to the protein powder that I stuck in them!)  I took Zeus outside (he needs to go out pretty much ALL the time), and when I came back in, Teek was on the coffee table eating my oats!  Grr...  She then threw them up about 10 minutes later.

Going back to work this morning was NOT easy.  I had 1492 emails when I arrived.  Lucky most of them just needed to be skimmed and then deleted (I am on a distro that I might not need to be on).  But my entire morning was consumed with catch up work from the last week and a half where I was not here.  Luckily I am getting close to being on top of my work now.  Whew.  But the rest of today will still be a little hectic.  I probably will not start to TOUCH December close today.  But we'll keep December open because of the audit. :)

I went for a run at lunch time.  It was the first official Flying Pig Marathon training run for me.  It was just three miles and I did them in 28:34.  That gives me right around 9:30 miles.  It was REALLY cold.  My phone said that the temp was 22 degrees with a wind chill of only 10!  I made it though, and honestly, I even sweat a bit!


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