At Night at the Theater

This is the site I was greeted with when I met up with J last night. 
He had a dentist appointment and so he got there before me this time.  Normally I am waiting for him, which means there is just a glas of water on the table until he gets there!  Also, he had his ipad out when I got there.  Now that is not necessarily too abnormal (although it would normally be his phone), but the strangest part was that he was sitting there in the bar, with his beers, and his ipad, READING.

Yes he had his kindle app opened and was reading.  Not that I can blame him too too much because he is in the middle of this:

I am so excited that he is as hooked on these books as I was when I finished them before the holiday.  Omg.  So awesome.  But I am still amused as hell that he was reading at the bar!

Last night's show was Billy Elliott.  I enjoyed it.  J enjoyed some of the songs.  He was not a huge fan of the show overall though the way that I was.  Next up on our season agenda is West Side Story.  That is the first week of March for us.  Its a show that I have seen several times, but never professionally.  Just as a high school show (and a movie!) so I am looking forward to it.  We have that, the Addams Family, and Les Mis left to go this spring!  Mamma Mia is in town as well and I might get tickets to see it because I love it, but J is not interested, so maybe it will be a ladies night.

I have to run 4 miles at lunchtime, I skipped this morning since we were not in bed last night until almost midnight!


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