Another 3 miles checked off + THAI!

I had another mega-slacker morning. I did not make it to the gym AGAIN.  Grrr.... I am flustered with myself for not going this morning.  I still need to run 3 miles this today.  That is a definite.  I might do a little at home workout later (I am thinking the burpee plan might be in order) but I am not sure on that yet. 

Ok.  Three miles have been completed.  I even cut one second off my time from yesterday.  And yesterday's run was done on the treadmill, so I had my pace completely controlled.  I ran outside at lunchtime.  I covered the 3 miles in 28:11.  Woo hoo for me!

I have done my first three runs of marathon training, which I am pleased with and proud of.  Tomorrow I have no runs scheduled but I am going to crosstrain and lift tomorrow.  Saturday I have my first "long run" planned and it is 6 miles.  I am glad the first one is a distance I have done many many times, because I am already a little bit intimidated my the training schedule, just because so much of it is PDRs for me. 

Last night J and I got Thai take out for dinner.  We went to a place that we had never gone to before because our next door neighbors got us a gift certificate for a wedding gift.  The food was very good, although I think both J and I got a little agressive in our spice selection.  J got a 3, but his dish already had some chillies, and I got a 5.  hot hot hot!  We will definitely eat there again though because the food was yummy!

Sorry for the short, crappy entry today.  I am honestly not feeling like me.


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