Yesterday after I went for my run, I was in the bathroom getting cleaned up. And I noticed something unusual, and something unpleasant.

Can you see it?  A white hair.  It is all wirey and stuff, but its there.  I did not pull it.  I asked J to pull it before bed, but he said it was bad luck.  Lol.  So I still have the white one.  But today my hair is down, so you can't see it.  I think it is super lame that I have that stupid hair.  I mean, I am only 28 years old.  I think it means that my husband causes me stress!  Lol.

When I got home from work, I found a little surprise on the ground from Teek.  I took a picture of it and sent it to J, but I figure posting that particular surprise on here might be going a little too far! 

I cooked dinner for us.  J had said something about chicken and rice, so I looked through the food that we had in the cabinet (we desperately need to go on a grocery run!) and came up with something that I think turned out pretty tasty!
J's plate had bread on the side.
My plate has a little more green (and chicken that is slightly more noticeable!)

It is not the most visually appealing meal that I have ever cooked, but it was pretty tasty!  I even ate the leftovers for breakfast this morning, as I was not in the mood for a smoothie or oats.  Its probably be back to normal ole oats tomorrow, cause they are delicious.  Plus I am getting closer to the end of my almond butter jar and I can't wait for another day of oats in a jar!

After dinner, J went upstairs to use the treadmill that we bought for each other for Valentine's Day last year (it does NOT get enough use!)  While he was up there, I watch e-news, and did a interval WOD style at home workout inspired (ok, stolen from) CarrotsnCake.  It consisted of the following:
10 pushups
10 mountain climbers
10 full situps
10 BW Squats
repeat 10x (for time)
It was the situps that killed me.  We have hardwood floors.  I unrolled my yoga mat, but I think the floor still did a number on my spine!  I ended up completing the workout in 12:09.

I made it to the gym at 5am today for my first 5am workout of 2012.  I was feeling pretty pleased with it, to be honest!  I got in there and hopped on the treadmill for my second official training run for the marathon.  (Yes, it is going to be ALL I talk about until I run it!)  I covered 3 miles (as scheduled on my training calendar) in 28:12.  A little bit faster than yesterday! :)  After that, I did the following strength workout:
I am getting stronger... right?


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