2 runs = 7 miles

At lunchtime yesterday I headed back to the gym to complete a lower body strength workout.  As I said in yesterday's post, I have not been doing much leg strength training, and to be honest, I was missing it.  So I went and did some yesterday.  And while it certainly was not the heaviest weights I have ever used, it was pretty great, and I definitely felt better to have done it! 

 The ones highlighted in blue I completed as a superset. :) 

I spent the rest of the day at the office dealing with things and getting them done.  The sun was starting to peek out through the windows behind me and I was getting the itch to run outdoors despite the fact that I had done the elliptical in the morning.  It was getting to be over 50* in Ohio in January!  I definitely feel like that is one of those things that you need to take complete advantage of when it happens!

SO because I ran with Jes and her group last weekend, I got their running schedule for Pig training too.  I felt like I should check that out and see what their schedule was like for the week, especially since their long run schedule is a bit different (for example, my old schedule has me running 10 this Saturday, but I will be running 6 since I am going to run with them!)so I figured maybe I should check out their's.  I figure I just need to make sure to cover 20 at least once before the marathon, work my way up to it, and cover the proper number of miles for the week. 

So their schedule had 4 on for yesterday and I took FULL advantage.  When I got home from the office I changed into some yoga pants and headed out with my garmin.  It was 4 miles, easy and I had just looked at the 4 mile route in my neighborhood that Fleet Feet uses.  So I took off.  I ended up finishing slightly faster than 10 minute/miles, and that felt easy?  Lol.  Its not that much different from my other paces, I am afraid. 

I logged it and cooked some dinner for J and I.  We had chicken and asparagus, and J requested corn cake too (he likes a starch).  I did not eat any of the corn, but was plenty full from the chicken and asparagus.  Here is the chicken cooking away on my stovetop.
It is cooking in 1 tbsp of olive oil (and I added a little white wine at the end!) and was sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning.  Turned out to be pretty yummy!  J liked it too.

This morning I woke up at my usual time and headed out for a three mile tempo run.  I covered the three in 26:44, which I was VERY pleased with.  I just wanted to come out and kill my recent 3 mile times, which I did.  I spent an excessive amount of time stretching and foam rolling after the run.  Luckily I feel pretty good overall after all of that. 

Lunch today was the same thing as yesterday, my batch cooked chicken and rice with a LOT of green stuff.
Pretty yummy!  I have plans for me and J's dinner as well tonight, and lucky for me its something that I can be cooking while I am working in the kitchen, which is great because we are scheduling the remodel now!  So we have lots of cleaning and painting to do!


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