Workout Examples

Now that I am no longer training specifically to be a figure competitor, I am really trying to mix up my workouts a little bit more than I maybe used to.  So I am going to maybe start posting the different things that I am doing.  I am including the amount of weight I am lifting mostly for my own benefit, because I do want to continue to increase my strength all the time, but at the same time, I know that the focus is not there as much as it was only a month ago! 

Here is yesterday's upper body workout.  I was pretty pleased with it.  I had a difficult time with my bra when I was changing afterward.  I was struggling to get my arms around myself enough to hook it.  Today I feel fine, but then, ugh!  The exercises that are shaded in the same color were done as a super set.  That's something else that I am going to try and include more often, because that will really exhaust the muscles!

Today I wanted to do something with slightly more movement in it.  Something more "Leah Style" is what I am beginning to call it.  So more things to keep my heart rate up (you'll see these in the complex movements) as well as a whole stack of super sets.  Today's workout was definitely more focused on being a full body one.

I normally do cardio in the morning and lift at lunchtime, but today my dad is getting to town at about 4 pm, so I am going to leave work a little bit early to hang out with him!  So I figured I ran on Sunday, then did gym cardio on Monday Tuesday Wednesday, so I should do the extra session today focusing on strength.  Tomorrow I will be on a 2 a day again, working on my running speed for my sub-25 5K goal!

Today I am also putting a little extra focus on my diet.  I was getting slightly lax due to the no competition thing, and I can see some softness around my middle that wasn't there two weeks ago, despite the fact that my workouts have been as intense as ever.  Just because I am not going to be appearing onstage in the future does not mean that I should get soft!  And yes, I am sure the extra dessert as results of Thanksgiving has affected this, but I want to get it under control before it spirals!


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