Weekend in T-town

J and I spent the weekend this past weekend in Toledo, our hometown, visiting my mom.  It was the weekend of my family's extended family Christmas party, which is always a lot of fun!  We do a traveling party.  It is not a progressive dinner, but I guess kind of.  There is food at every house, etc.  We go to all of my aunts and uncles houses as well as my mom's.

So Frida started off easy.  I was planning on getting up at 5 and working out, but when my alarm went off, I thought better of it.  I was not home until after 10 from my "Christmas Dinner" with my two best girls, and I was just feeling worn after an extremely busy week.  So I changed my alarm to 8 am after taking the pups out and got back in bed with J.  Oops.

We both had errands to run.  Ok, J had errands to run that I volunteered to help him with.  He had a doctor's appointment, and while he was there, I took his car in for an oil change, with a groupon that I had purchased (it was one heck of a deal, to be honest!) and then I returned some movies.  When we got home we packed for the weekend in Toledo, and then J's buddy Brian who is an architect came over. He was going to be taking some measurements in our kitchen and offering us suggestions about what we could do to the place.  Our kitchen lacks storage and it also lacks counter space.  When I was doing those cookies last week before Leah's baking day, it was tough to get everything rolled out and stuff because we really DON'T have a lot of space!

Brian took his measurements and left us with a lot to think about.  He had some really good idea that we honestly had not thought about before, so we are definitely thinking long and hard about that!

Pretty much as soon as he left, J and I packed up the dogs and got in the car to head to Toledo.  Zeus was in his crate and Teek in my lap.  J was NOT ok with Teek being crated so much when she was a pup, and I think he is beginning to see the benefits of it now that we are doing so much of a better job with Zeus.  He does cry a little bit at first normally, but then he settles down pretty quickly.  He's a good boy.  He just laid down and looked at us.  I like to think he was maybe enjoying the Christmas tunes and Howard Stern that we were listening to!

3 hours later we were in Toledo.  My mom was getting ready to leave for work (she works retail, so obviously her working is a given at this time of year) but my grandma was home and my brother was on his way.  J and I met some friends for dinner to celebrate Christmas with them.  We went to Calvino's, which was one of my favorite restaurants to go to with my friends when we were in high school.  We always used to go and order a big pizza for a LARGE group of us, and probably not leave a very good tip (whoops).  Although times have changed, the food is still delicious!

Saturday was a kind of chill day.  I got up early with the dogs as usual, and hung out with my grandma for the morning.  J and my brother (Joe) slept until noon.  I made myself some lunch, and then suggested to Joe that we go out and get some shopping done.  We went to the mall, which was a BAD idea.  I mean, we had to go and get it done, but it really sucked.  Joe bought presents for our sis and our dad, and I got a little something for J since one of the gifts that I ordered for him is on backorder, so I cancelled it. 

The house to house was that night.  The crowd was a little bit lighter than usual, but we still had  good time.  I feel a little bit bad for convincing J to come with us, since none of my guy cousins were even there this year, but its done.  We had a nice time, and we loved watching my mom and her siblings do their gift exchange.  It looked fun and they were stealing each other's gifts all over the place!

Yesterday we came home and celebrated Christmas with some of J's friends while watching the Chiefs beat the Packers (GO CHIEFS!)  That was definitely a big shocker, but I can't be more pleased with the outcome!  Who knew the Chiefs would be able to pull that out!

At lunchtime today I did the following leg workout:
My legs feel sufficiently killed.  We'll see how my 3 planned miles go tomorrow!


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