So something I have been writing about a lot lately is balance.  And how I am going to try and fit my ultra healthy lifestyle into one that can be slightly less regimented.  Into something that I can enjoy.  Something where I can grow stronger, get leaner, drink a beer, have some wings, enjoy nice dinners out with my husband, etc.  In short, I want it all. 

Last night, I gave it a little test.  Enjoy yourself, don't overstuff, drink beer, and don't feel terrible about yourself.  The "feeling bad about yourself" part is the worst.

I went out for Mexican with J and some friends, Jes and Brian.  Jes is who will be running the Flying Pig with me in May!  And who I ran the Thanksgiving Day Race with (who has the knee issues).  They are great, and I am so glad that Jes met Brian.  He seems to be SUCH a good guy.  Our next dinner date we have planned will beat BJs Brewhouse!

So I was successful with enjoying my beer, not eating too too much, but I definitely felt guilty about it this morning. 

What's the best way to combat guilt about bad food and beverages?  RUNNING!  At 5 am I was at the gym, hitting the treadmill.  I had planned three miles.  I am spending most of my time in my marathon pace range.  (around 10 minute/miles) I want to be super comfortable at this pace as I want to do most of my training at it.  It is going well so far though.  So I ran for thirty minutes following a 5 minute walk warm up and then did 5 more minutes to cool down.  I stretched, had some water, and went home. 

After getting home, I made myself a smoothie for breakfast.  It had two scoops of protein powder, a cup of spinach, half a cup of berries, and a cup of water.  It was yummy!  I am not sure if I will continue with smoothies as it gets colder (in case its not cold already!) but for right now I am enjoying them! 

At lunchtime, I was back to the gym for chest, triceps, and a little bit of shoulder work.  I did the following exercises.  Have you ever used a hoist machine?  They are awesome and the gym that J and I joined recently has them.  Big fan!  I am tracking my "level" for those ones, since how much you lift depends on your body weight, etc.  I just want to see my level go up!

You can see a video of the "shoulder thing" here.  I found it when you-tubing for shoulder moves because that is something that I really want to develop more!  Good work out and my upper body was aching when I left!

Today is going to be a good night. It has to be!


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