Off till the New Year. AMAZING

It is difficult to believe that after 5 pm today, I will not be back into work until 2012.  Today is my last day of work for the year!  That seems crazy.  I know there are a lot of things that will be happening here next week before the end of the year, but I am definitely more excited about sleeping in and relaxing.

Last night when J got home we watched Sweeney Todd.  It was the first time we have watched it since he gave it to me on Blu-ray as a Christmas gift last year.  Because it is one of those Tim Burton flicks, it looks AMAZING on blu-ray.  J loves that musical (as far as musicals go!) so when he text me yesterday to suggest it, I agreed immediately.

At work yesterday, we had our team holiday lunch.  We went to Dewey's pizza and got frozen yogurt afterward.  I went and I enjoyed my lunch.  It was delicious and I planned for it, so I did not feel at all guilty after I ate it.  Now THAT is the way to enjoy a not so healthy meal! 

This morning was another running day.  I ran outside covering 3.67 miles in around 33 minutes.  I was pleased, and running outdoors definitely felt good again. :)

Tomorrow is either a long (ok, 6 miles) run, or 45 minutes on the elliptical + lifting (chest/triceps).  We'll kind of see how I am feeling when the time comes, I guess!


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