A Night out with my Friends

So today is a planned day off from working out.  I am hitting the road tomorrow for my last semi-long run before marathon training officially starts, but today I am enjoying an afternoon of couch sitting with my laptop, my husband and my puppies.  We are watching "Walking Dead."  I gotta be honest, I think I am not so much a huge fan of zombies.  At all! 

Last night was Katie's birthday party.  We just went to Slatt's to celebrate, and like I said yesterday, Phil got the back room reserved.  There were probably 20 or so people there to celebrate, and it was a good time.  Here are a couple of pictures from the event.
Jason and I.  I am wearing a t-shirt that I got for Christmas from my brother Joe.  It says "T-Rex hates pushups"  And then it shows how T-Rex's little arms cannot reach the ground. :)
Becky and I.  I think its a good picture of us. :)

I am also wearing my new under armor hoodie that I bought yesterday from the gym.  My gym sells under armor, and ALL of it was 45% off.  So J got two things, and I got one.  The one that J is wearing in that picture also came from there.

I got my bonus for the year today.  It is pretty good.  I am going to buy myself something, as yet undetermined, from Lululemon, and then I am going to give the rest of the money to J to put in his account for home stuff.


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