New Plan = New 'do

So yeah, now that I am no longer moving forward with competing, I am setting new and different goals, and so I decided to change something else that I was holding on to ONLY for the sake of competing.  MY HAIR.  Lots of girls that compete need to get extensions, etc, and I definitely did not need anything extra.  My hair was long, thick, heavy, and completely obnoxious.  I would have chopped it the day we got home from the honeymoon, had I not had my sights set on competing. 

Now that the dream has passed, I was ready and yesterday was the day.  So I went from this:
(hanging the ornament on the tree on Monday night!)
To this:
So much better...  Tons of length off, thinned WAY out, a little long side bang added.  I am a HUGE fan.  Maybe I will even be inspired to DO my hair once in a while since it looks nice right now.  Lol. 

After I got home from the haircut, there was a little bit of puppy time while dinner was in the oven (yes, I was in charge of dinner). 

And yes, there was peanut butter involved. :-)  I just stuck my finger in the jar and before I have even pulled it out Teek was jumping up for me!  And sorry these are a little blurry.  Let's be honest.  Two pups have a tough time holding still when up on their hind legs and there is peanut butter involved! :-)

Dinner was homemade pizza.  I struggle with pizza because you're not getting much protein so I LOADED it up with chicken!  Each half of the pizza had a 4oz chicken breast on top!

The pictures are not that great, but trust me, it was pretty yummy!  I think J enjoyed it as well.

This morning I was in charge of breakfast for both of us.  I always make breakfast for myself, but today J asked me to make him some too!  That made me happy, especially when he said he wanted a protein shake for breakfast.
I made him a little one because if I make a big one for him he never finishes it.  I am glad I bought that chocolate protein from GNC during their black Friday sale!  (40% off everything + extra 10% if goldcard member).  J likes the chocolate.  I am not a huge fan, so I got a smaller tub of chocolate and a huge one of vanilla! 

J's am shake contains (as he requested):
1.5 scoops choolate whey
2 scoops ON AmiNO Energy (orange flavor)
5 ice cubes
2/3 cup of water

And my breakfast?
OATS!  Om nom nom...

Yes, this potentially was the most boring entry EVER but I didn't work out today.  I took a day off!  I deserve it!


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