Morning Gym Time!

Today J and I hit the gym around 11 am.  I planned on focusing on my strength training since I already ran.  And as my earlier post stated, I was planning on trying out a full body circuit using the Hoist machines.  Its trial and error while I start this marathon program.  Today I ended up having extra time even after my circuits because J decided he was going to tan while we were there.  J has psoriasis, so tanning is VERY good for that.  So when we joined this gym together, he added a tanning package to his membership.

Here is the workout I did today.  I tracked EVERYTHING so I can make sure to work on improving all spring.

Yes...  a pretty long workout.  But I feel good and like I god a handy strength workout in, which helps since yesterdays was a little cut short, I think.  I am tired, but not sore, not yet.  We'll see how it is later though!


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