Holiday Wrap up

Well, Christmas has come and gone. I had a wonderful holiday. I spent the holiday with those people that I love the most. J, my mom, my brothers, my grandma. I also saw my dad, my sister and her boyfriend Chris for some time! It was truly awesome.

I always feel sad when I leave Toledo after being there for a few days. Especially at first. I love being here in Cincinnati with my husband and puppies, but leaving my mom always feels hard at first. I am sure in a few days I will feel back to normal. That is usually the way!

Some stellar Christmas gifts were given and received this year. Here is a quick list of some gifts that I received:
- a pearl necklace
- workout clothes
- a gym bag
- the class kit for cake decorating
- movies
- books
- cds
- sweaters
etc, etc, etc.
I love love love my pearls. I wore them out last night when J and I had a dinner date. J said he got me pearls specifically because they were very "Mad Men". Lol. So I tried to channel my inner "Joan" last night for our date. I was very pleased with my outfit. And the pearls looked beautiful on. He did a wonderful job on my Christmas gifts for sure. I hope that he enjoyed Christmas as much as I did. I always get kind of nervous about that.

Ok, I am out for right now. J and I are headed to the gym! I have three miles and a little bit of lifting on the schedule.


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