Gym Team Us!

Yesterday J and I hit the gym together.  We were only there for about 45 minutes, which is kind of short for me, especially when I have the day off.  When it is a day off for me, I normally will be there for about an hour and a half, to include 45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of lifting.  But I have to figure, if I get my husband there with me, I cannot be complaining too too much!  We are planning on heading back there today in just a little while.  J is playing a video game right now, while I am watching teen mom 2 on MTV (and blogging, obviously!). I have the dogs curled up next to me on the couch and it is super nice and cozy.

I got up and went for a run this morning.  Just a really quick three miles.  It felt good to get them done already.  And now, when J and I hit the gym in a little bit I can just focus on lifting.  Today's goal is going to be a full body circuit.  ALL of the "hoist" machines at the gym.  ALL of them.  Some of them I have never even done before.  4 sets of 10 reps of all of those machines.  We are going to try that out as a potential weightlifting routine while marathon training.  Since I want to keep that up while I am prepping for the marathon, I am trying to find what will work out during training that will leave me feeling good and gaining strength, but not ruining my abilities to run a lot every week.

Next Monday is the official "Day 1" of marathon training.  I am so nervous about it.  Even though I know that the first several weeks of it are going to be fairly easy.  That means I will be down to only 18 weeks until the Flying Pig Marathon!  Eeps!  I can't wait to be officially on a real training plan again.  I have kind of been winging my workouts for the last several months, ever since I hurt my foot, so I am excited to have something real going on again.

Tonight is my friend Katie's birthday party.  Her actual birthday is not until January 6, but a lot of our friends are in town this week still because of the holidays, so I think that is why her husband decided to have it early like this.  So it is at the restaurant that is pretty close to our home, so Leah is going to come here before the party and then we are just going to walk over to the restaurant together.  I am pretty sure that Phil just got the back room at this resturant because I am guessing for Katie's 30th, that there will be a lot of people there!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone since we are probably going to crap out on seeing them for New Year's.  J and I just don't really feel like going to a party.

Ok, that is it for now I guess.  I am definitely going to be posting a workout log here, pretty soon.  I want to track my hoist levels, that way I can make sure that I continue to improve in my strength even though my current focus will now be on running!


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