An early morning run + b-day celebrations!

Last night after I got home from work, I became a present wrapping machine.  I had to wrap my mother-in-laws birthday gift for sure because we were going out to dinner for her birthday last night.  So I started there.  I found a gift bag left over from a wedding shower (therefore - not Christmas!) and got out the tissue paper and put everything together for her. 

She recently has been telling me that she wants to start exercising and I should put together a plan for her and stuff.  Now normally this is something that I love doing, and I love teaching people new things and helping people get into better shape and stuff.  However, she also openly admits that she hates exercise and probably will not follow it anyway.  *sigh* Not very encouraging for me to spend time on getting something together if it won't be taken seriously!

However, I figured I could do a themed birthday gift relating to that to see how it goes before I spend time on designing a "custom" plan for her...  So in the gift bag:
- 3 lb hand weights
- a light resistance band
- Biggest Loser "Cardio Max" DVD
- Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD
I thought it was a good and fun gift!  She seemed to like it.  Apparently she bought Jillian's Ripped in 30 and has done it twice.  Apparently her legs hurt so much that she kind of has to fall back to sit (can't squat down!)  I love that. :)  I am really hoping that it becomes something that she can stick to!  She said she had been doing Ripped without weights because she didn't have any, so good to know that it was a good gift!

This morning I had to hit the treadmill for a run.  I probably could have run outside, but to be honest, I didn't think of it and get dressed for an outdoor run, I was ready for an indoor one.  I didn't run at all last week, and Pig training starts in less than two weeks!  So I really need to get into the 4x per week habit.  So I hit the treadmill to do the following workout:
I managed to knock out 3.11 miles in the 30 minutes that I was running, and then walked for ten and stretched out really well after that. 

I am trying to stick with a relatively clean diet for the week so it was oatmeal mixed with protein powder for breakfast this morning.  It is completely not the same when there is no yogurt in the mix.  Guess I will need to buy some yogurt?


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