Cookie Monster

Yeah... definitely feeling like me. I am DEFINITELY eating WAY too many cookies now that I have them in the house all the time! I hate that! I had a few (too many..) for dinner last night, and the same for breakfast this morning. Once the holiday is over I am going to need a cleanse to jump start marathon training, I think! Maybe I should start doing some research on those to see if I can find a good one! I will probably do that the week after Christmas, and then running running running in January!

Tomorrow I am going to try a little bit of a new workout. I am going to try the insanity workout with Leah at 5 am at the gym. Apparently she brings her laptop and uses the group fitness room and does it maybe three days per week. I have not done it before, ever, and I am kind of nervous about the intensity of the thing. Hell, maybe I will love it, you never know.

This morning I was on the elliptical, even though I meant to run. I am going to try for 3 miles this evening, just to give it a whirl. I really need to keep getting my legs used to 4 days per week with one LONG run. So I need to get my shoes back on once I get home tonight and go for it. This is going to become more and more important the closer we get to January, but we are about halfway through december now. I offically start training for the Flying Pig in 18 days. Eep!

I found out on facebook last night that a coworker of mine registered for the Pig too! I am super excted about that. We certainly will not be running together, but I would love to promote us as a company. Maybe we can get some tech tees with the company name on them and form a team. Promote it!

I think think THINK I am done with Christmas shopping. Now I just have a TON of wrapping to do.


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