Christmas time...

So J and I got our Christmas tree.  We decorated it.  It is beautiful.  We love it.  I also got the Snow Village out, for the first time ever since I had the thing.  So that is done.  I also got out the nativity scene with my new manger that was given to J and I by my aunt and uncle.  My uncle MADE IT.  I love it and I think it is just beautiful.  I knew he could do it, he made the one that my mom uses as well, but every one is a little bit different, at least that is what I understand. 

I am very particular about tree decorating.  Luckily, J's family was not as big into Christmas as mine was, and he kind of just let's me have my way with it.  Some examples of my tree pickiness...  We use the "big" lights (C7s, multi-colored).  There is no "theme" unless it was to be a rainbow.  I have tons and tons of ornaments and I love them all.  They are not themed, the majority of them are brightly colored glass, and are kind of strange.  You can see my orange slice below.  We don't use tinsel. 

That was my tree growing up, and so it was important for that to continue. 

Enjoy the pictures of us and our decorations.  We still have a few more things to get up, so I am looking forward to finishing up!


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