A Busy Holiday Day

I had a ridiculous crazy day yesterday.  Luckily it was a very productive day, so I feel good about it.  I started out getting up at 6:30 with my two punkins. 

They had to go out to go potty.  So we hung out outside for a little while, because it was actually not very cold, nor was it rainy, so we took advantage.  They chased each other around the backyard, and did their businesses, etc. 

I came inside and got dressed in my tights and long sleeved top.  I had a long run planned in order to meet my one 8-miler before Pig training starts goal.  I was not planning on that one being yesterday but I still wanted to continue to get closer to that distance.  It wasn't too bad out at the time, and it was supposed to begin raining around noon, so I just wanted to get it done.  Especially since I was STILL feeling guilty about no workout on Friday.  So I got out there and hammered through 7 miles. 

When I got back home, I cooked a big breakfast for J and I.  He was sick pretty much all weekend and so I thought he might need some energy to try and get through his illness.  On the menu?  Omelets and english muffins. 

That is J's breakfast.  My omlet was made with mostly egg whites instead of whole eggs.  But to be honest, it was delicious and very filling.  Enough to fuel my morning shopping trip!

J and I are super busy this month, and so I was not sure when I was going to have time to get around and finish up Christmas shopping without him, which I needed to do since he was one of the main people that I needed to finish shopping for!  So I went out yesterday.  I hit Target, Michaels, B&N, and GNC - ok, GNC was for me. :)

After that, I got to wrapping which watching the Chiefs game.  They were big winners!  I was pretty excited about that, I will admit!  I did not expect them to beat the Bears, so I was pretty excited when they did.

I took a break from wrapping to make cookies.  I received a recipe in my email yesterday that looked particularly awesome.  So after J said "I want cookies" I went ahead and made this recipe. I was only short one ingredient, so I just picked it up at target while I was running around.  So cookie were made.  These are cranberry almond oatmeal cookies.

They turned out really yummy.  Each cookie has only 64 calories in it! 

We had plans to work on the tree last night.  Here is what we accomplished:
With a flash - lights on the tree.

No flash.

Flash - garland added (and star topper!)

No Flash

It was a crazy day, but I feel like I accomplished a ton of stuff.  I have more wrapping to do still though.  A lot of wrapping, actually. 

Tonight we're going to try and get the ornaments on the tree!


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