Annual appointments and NEW workouts!

Tuesday night when I got home from work, I got out my kettlebell and did like a 15 minute circuit workout, hoping that maybe it would help me to get prepared for Wednesday's workout.  I did a lot of kettlebell swings, jumping jacks, butt kicks, etc.

Yeah, nothing really could have prepared me for that!  The insanity cardio blast (I think that was which one we did!) was very intense.  I was sweating and feeling ready to die during the warm up!  When Leah told me it was the warm up, I was like "omg, I might die before the end of this!"  But I survived, and I really enjoyed it in the process.  We are actually going to get together tomorrow and do it again.  I told Leah that I would like to try and do it twice a week.  There is honestly NO WAY that I am going to be able to prepare for a Half Ironman while marathon training, so I figure insanity will be a good cross training tool for me! 

So I was excited find something new that I think is fun and that causes me to get crazy sweaty!  I definitely was DRIPPING.

I also had my annual lady doctor appointment yesterday.  I have been seeing the same doctor for about 6 years now, ever since I moved down here.  I know that she gets things done quickly and then is done, but I still was anxious going in.  I think it is impossible NOT to be anxious before that particular appointment.  But it went well, I am healthy, and I'll go back again in a year!

Yesterday was also the most productive day at work I have had in a long time.  That's pretty much why I did not finish this entry then!  I was super busy, all day, but I feel like I got a lotof things accomplished that I maybe was putting off, etc.  So I am feeling pleased with myself. 

That productivity continued when I got home.  I cooked myself the dinner that I had planned, I lifted, I spent a lot of time with the puppies, I wrapped presents AND I watched "the Help".  That was an amazing book and I had been looking forward to the movie since I knew it was going to be available.  J and I went and swapped our movies at blockbuster last week, and we typically get one J movie, one Emily movie and one shared movie OR a video game.  So the Help was the movie that I selected for me, and since J told me he had to work late, I put it on while I was wrapping presents.

Tomorrow is another Insanity day, and then J and I are headed up to Toledo for the weekend for my family Christmas party!


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