After being away...

...  I figured it might be time to grace everyone with an entry.  I was doing well, post-NoJoMo, keeping up and writing regularly, and then Friday just got out of control crazy.  So I didn't write then, or all weekend.  Boo to me.  I really am trying to turn this blog into something, something that folks will look at and follow.  So I need to become more consistent, whatever that means, here, and work hard to get folks watching!

The weekend was good to me.  It started out with my office Christmas party on Friday night.  It was a pretty good time AND I learned what the rules of craps are.  I can definitely see how in a casino setting people get so excited.  I can also see how you can lose so much money so fast! 

On Saturday morning, I ran the Jingle Bell Run locally.  There was no fun costume for me or anything (I was just COLD), but I did see someone there and start the race with her!
My sister in law, Angela!  She and a friend were walking in the race.  They ended up doing it in less than 45 minutes.  I am super proud of her!

After the race we headed over to a friends to watch the Crosstown Shootout.

Yeah, that was ... interesting...  J and I were the only Bearcats fans in attendence, luckily we were not with some of the XU fans that we have as facebook friends after that game.  Wow.  Did you all see the highlights of the fight on the news or sportscenter?  I have been to quite a few of those games (when they are at UC, so I can get tickets as an alum), and yes there is always TONS of trash talking.  But I have never seen anything quite like that.  No, I don't really want to discuss players punishments.

On the way home we stopped at Quaker Steak for an early Em & J dinner.  We were "lucky" enough to watch a replay of the fight a few more times.  Lucky us...

Yesterday we discussed hitting the gym early in the morning, but instead wound up cleaning the house and then I got to work on baking some cookies apart from the baking that was to tak place later for Em & Leah Baking Day 2011!  Huge success!
They taste pretty yummy too!

I snuggled up to some snuggle bugs after getting home from Leah's and worked on our Christmas cards.  Want one?  Send me your address!
Look!  They are actually cuddling instead of fighting.  Although from the look in his eyes, I suppose Zeus might be plotting something...

It was leg day today.  Here's the workout:

Have a great Monday!


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