2012 Resolutions and the LAST workout of the year!

Well, it is New Year's Eve.  So much has happened over the past year, it is pretty difficult to believe.  I got married, I went to Mexico, we got a new puppy, I started running.  I planned on competing in a fitness type competition and then decided not to.  I had coaches, and a broken foot.  J and I travelled to places close and places far.  It was a good trip.

So here is my goals for 2012.  I am calling them goals rather than resolutions this year, I think.
1. Read one book every month.
2. Run 2 half marathons (Toledo, Las Vegas)
3. Run 1 full marathon (Flying Pig)
4. Track ALL runs on daily mile.
5. Complete several more items on my 101 list!

And today, J and I hit the gym first thing in the morning.  It was the last workout of 2011, and I am glad we did it together.  I ran for a half hour and then lifted.  I did the following strength routine:
I felt pretty good, and tracked my levels so I can compare them to the other day.  I also got in 4 runs this week.  None were "long" runs, but I am glad I ran 4 times and my legs are still holding out.  Thank goodness.

I started training officially on Monday, with my first run on Tuesday for the Flying Pig Marathon.  I cannot wait.  Only 18 weeks to go!


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