NoJoMo–Day 9

On day 9 of my 30 day thankful challenge, I am thankful for new (old) PDRs.  After yesterdays disastrous run, I decided to give it another go, this time on the track at the gym.  Our gym track is 1/8 of a mile.  I walked the first two laps to get warmed up, and then started a light jog.  I am really trying to focus on adding distance back to my runs, the speed will come, and the endurance portion is going to be so much more important as I begin to train for the marathon.  So I then ran.  I went a total of 3.75 miles (3.5 of them were run).  I averaged 10:30/mile.  This is including the walked 1/4 mile.  So it is the furthest I have gone since my injury.  It was hard as anything, but I did it.  And it will get easier.  I know it will!

I plan on sticking with it and adding a little bit more distance all the time, until I am at a solid 6 miles again.  A solid six is my goal before I officially start training.  And I will get there.  I will do six probably once before I officially feel “comfortable” doing 6 (the Thanksgiving day race), but hopefully showing myself that I can do it again will remind me that I can, and help me to get through it!

I saw my doctor yesterday.  I got my new insoles/orthotics.  They are blue.  I wore them for an hour yesterday and two hours this morning.  I am just supposed to add on, 1 hour at a time.  So tomorrow I will wear them for three hours.  I am still supposed to wear my straps when I am not wearing my insoles, so I have those on now.  Strangely, the straps feel more weird on my feet than the insoles, so I am not sure why the crazy transition time to wearing them.  And they are for my running shoes.  So my latest question is, when can I go back to heels and stuff?  Anything non-gym shoes?  I am sure its fine for short times now, and I plan on taking some sexy pumps with me to Las Vegas to wear for our nice dinner.  But I guess in time, I will be there.

Last night I made my “perfect plan dinner” and I cooked it for J (with a few modifications) as well.

So here are our plates.  Salmon, brown rice, green veggies.  My plate is the one with the smaller piece of salmon and half a plate of green.  Spinach was my green of choice, served as a salad with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  J wanted green beans (he is apparently anti-spinach) and his rice has some sauce with it.  Mine is plain (lame).  But I do my best to make our meals similar.  J is not a huge fish guy, but I figured once in a while is good! 

And here’s a quickie of my punkin:
I think he’s smiling at me. :-)


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