NoJoMo–Day 8

Today I am thankful for the push up challenge!  I did week 3, workout two this morning.  It went well, and I can see progress in myself already.  I am hoping it gives me some really defined shoulders.  Push ups are good for shoulders, right?  The sets for this particular workout were as follows:
Set 1 – 20
Set 2 – 25
Set 3 -  15
Set 4 – 15
Set 5 – Max (I did 30)
Yahoo!  I am 30% to the 100 pushups in a row!

Yesterday I lifted legs.  I have been focusing a lot on my hamstrings and quads lately because I really am trying to lean out the hammies and bulk up the quads.  If you look at the pro competitors they always have very strong quads.  So I have been doing lots of squats and leg extensions and deadlifts, ever since I have been back on lifting full time.  I have gradually been increasing the weight I am doing (trying to check off my body weight deadlift and squat on the 101 list!) but not overdoing it.  I am getting a little sore all the time though.

So today I had set myself a goal.  Easy run.  That was it.  I wanted to run easily and feel good.  Well, I ran at an easy pace and an easy distance, but it was anything BUT easy.  I ran 2.25 miles at an 11min/mile pace.  Apparently the leg work yesterday was hammering me today.  My legs just did NOT want to get going this morning.  I guess any run is better than no run and it will improve as my legs begin to readjust to that.  And I definitely need to figure out how to balance running and lifting legs.  That will definitely be another “trick” to figure out during marathon training, especially as I am not planning on lifting any less (especially pre-competition!)

I was sick of putting cookies n cream protein powder in my oats this morning.  I have not been back to GNC yet to get a large tub of vanilla.  So I was left with some casein options.  Lol.  This is a completely different beast when it comes to putting protein powder in your oats.  Lets be honest.  It is just so much thicker!

So there is this morning’s oat bowl.  1/3 cup of old fashioned oats.  1 scoop of chocolate casein protein.  2 oz nonfat plain greek yogurt.  1 dollop of trader joe’s almond butter.  It was yummy.  But it was very thick and much more filling than my regular oats that I have been eating!  Not sure that it is something I am going to be doing often with my oats, but it was a good change up from the norm.


It is election day today.  I made sure to go and vote on my way in to work this morning.  The big thing in Ohio this election is Issue 2.  The link is to the wikipedia page so you can look into it if you are interested.  It is an extremely hot button issue so I am not going to go into any detail about my feelings on the issue.  That is something I would prefer to stay out of on my blog.

Suffice to say, I did my civic duty and voted.  I also get to cross “Vote!” off of my 101 list.  Hooray for checking things off!  My voting location is at the fire department.  It is actually between my house and my office so there is absolutely no reason not to vote!  There was no line, so I walked right up and gave them my license and was voting in no time!  Hooray for organization!

Today I am headed back to my podiatrist.  I am supposed to be getting my orthotics for my shoes today.  I wore my running shoes rather than my regular sneakers because of this.  I want to see how they are in my running shoes, since that is kind of the main reason that I am getting them!  I am very excited, and I am planning on taking a trip to my running store shortly after this to try on some NEW running kicks, to make sure I have the best things for my feet.  Cause who knows, my gait might change a little with these new things.  So I guess we’ll see. 

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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