NoJoMo–Day 7

Good morning (or maybe afternoon.  It’s morning as I start this, but may be afternoon by the time I post!)

Today – on day 7 of NoJoMo and day 7 of my thankful challenge – I am thankful for water.  I have had a boatload it feels like already today.  Plus, it is helping me clean out my system from a little bit of indulging, especially on Saturday.  Yesterday was a pretty light day, but we ate out for both lunch AND dinner on Saturday, and I didn’t eat any breakfast that day!  So hooray for lots of cold water.

I started the 100 push ups challenge this weekend.  On Saturday I took the “test” and hammered out 30 real pushups, nonstop.  That means I skip ahead to week 3 (and do the most advanced workout).  I did the first workout yesterday.  This workout was as follows:
Set 1 – 14 pushups
Set 2 – 18 pushups
Set 3 – 14 pushups
Set 4 – 14 pushups
Set 5 – max (I did 25 pushups)
There is 60 seconds of rest in between sets.  And I completed them all without issues.  Chest and shoulders are not sore today either, which discourages me a little.  I really wanted them to be sore!

My hammies have been hurting pretty much constantly.  I know it is because I am back to running and they are not used to it yet.  So I know it will get better soon.  And I look forward to that.  So, to help with that, I purchased something when J and I were running around all day on Saturday:



Yep.  A fancy new (and intense!) roller.  I played with it for quite some time on Saturday afternoon, and definitely felt more relaxed afterward!  I would like to get into the habit of using it three times per week.  Always on the day that I run.  Once marathon training begins, then it will be 4 times per week.  It is definitely “tougher” than the other one I have, and so maybe I will alternate between the two for a while, especially until my hammies get used to the intensity that this one causes.

I didn’t work out with Mike yesterday. *sad face*

I am really starting to get excited for the Pig though, I think that the race this weekend really started to make it seem more real to me.  It made me nervous since I feel like I have lost so much conditioning, but I know that I will get there.  I know that I can do it!

We leave on Thursday.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!


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