NoJoMo–Day 6

Ok.  I am still on right now.  On track with my NoJoMo.  Hooray!

Yesterday I was thankful for running the race.

Today I am thankful for the new Target that opened about a month ago in Blue Ash, which is the little city that J and I live in.  I ended up there this morning getting some snacks for us to travel with, some dog food, and a few components to our dinner for the next three nights until we leave.  That new target  is super nice.  It is not a super target, as it does not have a full section of produce, but it does have some.  I did get a bag of granny smith apples and some spinach for my salads for the week.  Plus it was so clean and pretty…  I wonder what it will be like at the holidays!

The UC Bearcats won last night.  They are in first place in the Big East, which I am very excited about.  They haven’t done that since the year that J and I ended up at the Sugar Bowl.  After today they should definitely be in the top 25. 

I am trying to study using my Becker review.  I am hardly having any success.  I really do not have the focus today.  I am not sure why I cannot focus, I really NEED to.  I have only 2 more classes.  And then we’re on vacation, and then I have to take my test.  And my mom will be in town the weekend before the exam, so I am not sure how much my mom will be able so while I am studying.  I guess I have to figure all of that stuff out.

We leave for vacation on Thursday.  It is Sunday now.  only a few more days to go!  I cannot wait to be on vacation.  When I was at Target, I got some snacks for us to take with us.  I tried to get some healthy things for us to take.  I got some freeze dried fruit (strawberries and apples, with no added sugars or oils, and only 90 calories in the whole bag!), I got me a clif builder bar, and J a regular clif bar, I got some honey cinnamon almonds (the “worst” snack, and most delicious) and a few things of muscle milk light to bring along.  Yum-o!

Yesterdays race went really well. 

This is the garmin time, which is obviously unofficial, but it is the closest I have at this point.  I suppose it is pretty accurate though.  I have to be pleased with that.  Because it was only my third run after my injury, and my very first race.  I want to be prepared for the Thanksgiving Day race, which is twice the length.  So I have some work to do, some improvements to make, but I have to be happy to finish under 30 minutes. 

It all does make me start to get nervous about the marathon though.  I have TONS to do before that!


Here’s some bobble head swag from the race.  2 different reds bobble heads.  I gave them to J.  He has a lot of reds bobble heads already.  He keeps them at work.  So these will be two more to add to the collection.  There were also a pair of gloves (which I forgot to wear!) my long sleeved t-shirt, some coupons, and some P&G products.  We parked in the PG lot and were shuttled to the starting line so I guess that makes sense. 

I will probably run it again sometime.  It was a good race and it was pretty much in my backyard.  I think I am going to park somewhere else, but other than that it was really good.

Its crazy…  the competition that I would have been competing in had I not gotten injured, had I not gotten off track would have been  yesterday.  My coach was down there with two girls.  The comp lasted until after midnight and so Mike text me and said that he could not meet up with me today.  And next week I am going to be in Vegas so that is out.  I am a little disappointed, but at the same time, I am ok with it, because I have bought 10 sessions and they will last longer, right?

Lol.  That’s it for the day!


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