NoJoMo–Day 4

It’s Friday.  It is November 4th.  This means it is day 4 of my November thankful challenge (as well as day 4 of NoJoMo).  So this Friday, I am obviously thankful that it is Friday, but other than the norm, I am thankful to have started wrapping Christmas presents last night.  I wrapped 4 of them, and then I started on a 5th (one of J’s) as he was pulling up, so I had to stick it back in the brown cardboard box it was delivered in and save it for another day.

I cheated on my diet a little bit last night.  Just a very little bit.  I had 1 serving of ice cream (approx. – I did not measure this time).  So it could have been much much worse, obviously, but J got it out and brought me a spoon.  There was not much left in the carton, so we finished it off.  We probably each ate 1 serving of ice cream.  I have definitely had much worse ice cream days.  I don’t like it, but I need to take a deep breath and accept the fact that sometimes I mess up.  I need to be a little less tough on me.

I was thinking about doing a race tomorrow with a coworker, Henry.  It is close to our work, and therefore close to my home.  However, after going back and forth about it, I have decided to run 3 miles on Sunday instead, with Katie.  It will be her first run in nearly a year.  She took her entire pregnancy off from running (and did spinning instead) and is now ready to give it a try.  She is less worried about running itself, and more worried about her chest.  To be honest, she has NEVER had a small chest, and while I have never breast fed before, I don’t know how much bigger it actually is.  Katie is a sweats or a blousy dress sort of girl, so her body shape (while always fit) can be hard to determine. :-)

So yes, another workout with Mike on Sunday.  I gave J the heads up today.  I just want him to talk to me if this is bugging him.  That’s all.  And I am not sure that I want to wait until we’re on vacation next week.  I just don’t want him to be upset with me.  You know?


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