NoJoMo–Day 30

Today is the FINAL day of the thankful challenge, and it is also the final day of NoJoMo.  And so in the spirit of those two things, that is what I am thankful for today.  I am thankful for my success in completely BOTH of these challenges, especially NoJoMo, which has eluded me all of the years I have known about it.  Maybe I have more dedication now than I used to?

Last night J text me and told me he wanted “chicken nuggets” for dinner.  Now, that does NOT sound so healthy to me, so I decided to attempt to modify it slightly to try and up the “health” factor.  So I defrosted one chicken breast (we bought a 10 lb bag from Sam’s Club and each piece is just gigantic!) and butterflied it.  Well, I am not certain that “butterflied” is the correct word since I cut all the way through.  But I cut it through the middle so it was two thinner, flatter pieces (does that make sense?) and then I dredged each of them in some whole wheat breadcrumbs.  I used less than a quarter cup for BOTH pieces.  Then I chopped up sweet potatoes and added them both to a cookie sheet and roasted.


Turned out pretty delicious to be honest.  No butter or oil added!  There was also a spinach salad on the side, but all of my salads pretty much look the same. They pretty much just look like a bunch of spinach on a plate.  With a smidge of dressing.

Yesterday was a leg day.  I took a lesson from my session with the trainer and did mostly emily-style moves, with some weighted Step-ups as well.  I have not included step ups in a workout for a pretty long time, but decided that they would probably get my heart rate up a bit, and that certainly would not hurt!  And today I am remembering why steps ups are great.  I have sore quads (never ever happens) as well as sore hammies and inner thighs!  I would consider yesterday’s leg workout to be a success!

This morning I did not run, I just decided to do the elliptical instead.  I have kind of taken the 3-days per week running through the end of the year, and then once January hits, I will be on 4 days, full time!  Oh marathon, you will probably kill me, but I cannot wait!

Yesterday I was talking to Jes, who I ran the turkey trot with and who also I am doing the Pig with.  And she told me that she and some of her other running buddies from the Columbus Marathon are thinking triathlon this summer.  I am not against that by any means.  Yes, I will need to purchase a bicycle, but they are seeing a guy in Dayton about some refurbed bikes, so maybe we can get away with less expense?  But not only are they talking Triathlon, they are talking half ironman in Muncie, IN in less than 2 months AFTER the Pig.  Are they crazy?  Yep.  Am I going to join them?  There is a possibility of it.  Like Jes said yesterday, that’s where the crazy comes in.  She and I and the menfolk in our lives are having dinner next Tuesday.  I guess we’ll chat more about it then. 




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