NoJoMo–Day 3

Today is day 3 of my thankful challenge.  Today I am thankful for the fact that my drive has returned.  My drive to eat good food, to compete, to run, etc.  It was missing for a little while after the wedding (especially when there was wedding cake around!) so I am glad to have it back now.

Last night I had class.  Next week I have 2 more, and then I am done.  I cannot WAIT to have free Mondays and Wednesdays again.  I have been doing this since June and I am DYING for a whole week free where I can just plan everything out and not have to worry about spending 8 hours per week at UC.  Now, I love UC, its my alma mater (or at least I consider it to be that, since I enjoyed my time there, unlike BGSU).  So two more classes taught by Sam (he’s my fave instructor), then lots of study time, then the exam!  Eeeiii!

Today I am planning on trying my hand at another run.  Three miles, easy.  We’re talking 10min/mile pace.  I did my 2 miles at a 9 min/mile pace, and I am sure that had a little something to do with my lungs feeling like they might explode.  I used to do that, no sweat, but now, I am going to have to take a step back and slow it down in order to redevelop my endurance (which hates me, apparently).  But I will feel good about it once I know that I still can do it, and my legs still work well enough to get it in!  And if I can do three, I feel comfortable doing 6 on Thanksgiving.

I heard that “Red Solo Cup” song on Sirius this morning.  LOVE.  It cracks me up.

I did a bit of free writing last night in my paper journal, kind of brainstorming about the competition.  I think I am going to find two you tube videos (one figure comp, one bikini comp) and save them to my faves or something, so I have them.  Then I am going to talk to Jason about it when we’re at Craftsteak in Vegas.  We’ll be having a few glasses of wine and some delicious food, so that will help lighten the mood.  Plus it won’t be a sports bar with games on (our typical dinners out), so there will be room for talking.  So I will tell him how important it is for me to have his support, etc, and that I want his opinion on all of it, etc.  Then I will show him the videos and see what he says.  I am hoping for a positive response and he can actually see that it is not a “sex” thing, it is a fitness thing, and it’s a HUGE goal of mine. :)

We leave for Las Vegas a week from today and I cannot wait!  It feels like it has been forever since we went on vacation, even though we were still in Cancun just two month ago!  Granted, a Las Vegas vacation is much different that a beach one (especially on the gulf), but it’s a few days off from work where J and I will be away and on our own and spending that much needed time TOGETHER, as all of you have said we need.

I have purchased most of my Christmas gifts for people already, which I am proud of.  I have a little bit more work to do, but not too much, honestly.  My dad.  My godfather (uncle joe). A few J things, and a piece of my mom’s gift.  So yahoo!  Its November everyone…  how’s your Christmas shopping going?  Have you started?


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