NoJoMo–Day 28

Today, on day 28 of my thankful challenge, I am thankful for the long weekend that we just had.  It was great to have 4 full days off where I did not have to worry about work and stuff.  I REALLY enjoyed them.  We did pretty much nothing special or unusual, but I managed to keep up with my NoJoMo and thankful challenges.  I cooked a new dessert that I got from a healthy cooking magazine.  It was not perfect in any way, but it was certainly better than a lot of desserts that are typically served on Thanksgiving.  And it was successful!  I made twice baked sweet potatoes as well.  Its interesting.  I eat them ALL THE TIME.  And I was not a huge fan.  I think I just like them plain and simple and these had kind of a lot going on.  I will make something different next time, I think.

This morning I was up early (4:30 am) and off to the gym.  This was 20 minutes earlier than normal.  BUT I joined a new gym last Wednesday, and this one opens 15 minutes earlier.  I gave myself that extra 5 minutes for a slightly longer drive to the new gym.  It’s about a mile further from my house than the old one.  But it is the same gym that my friends belong to, and NO ONE belonged to my old gym, so I joined this one.  I did belong here before J and I bought our house, so I guess I rejoined my old gym.  But it has a much younger atmosphere, and the classes they offer fit what I would use much more.  I am planning on getting back to spinning when I am not running.  It’ll be a good cross-training option.

Here is a little picture of Leah & I at Starbucks before we ran 6 miles.


Bryan (our friend who took the picture) said he didn’t know that he was supposed to be wearing a red top.  All three of us were in black tights though.  You can’t really see it in this picture, but Leah is wearing a headband that is made for Turkey Trots!  It has a turkey on it and it says “gooble gooble” all around.  So cute.  I want one for next year!

So J and I came up with the best idea for Grandma Kate’s (my grandma) Christmas present.  Actually, I cannot take credit for it. it was J’s idea.  Grandma LOVES puzzles.  So he suggested we do one of those picture puzzles where you get one of your own pictures turned into a puzzle.  With the help of my Aunt Heidi (who lives in Japan) we got the best picture:

That is my Grandmother, grandfather and all of their kids.  10 of them.  My mom is the one on the end in the plaid dress.  I think we have the same bone structure in our faces (plus the same ridiculously thick hair!) I think it is going to be a really awesome gift, don’t you?


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