NoJoMo–Day 24

Today is thanksgiving here in the US.  And I am thankful for running.  I ran the Thanksgiving Day Race (the 102nd!) this morning.  Our Turkey Trot is a 10K and that was going to be my PDR (post-injury).

I ran into my friend Jess at the starting line.  And we decided we were going to run together.  Jess is the woman that I am planning on running the Flying Pig with in 5 months.  So we both had similar goals.  This was her first race since the Columbus marathon.  She has tendonitis in her knees really bad.  The one knee actually gave out on her at mile 20 of the marathon, and she fell, several times, and pretty much had to hobble that last 10K. 

So we both just wanted to run this race.  The whole thing.  We figured, based on our recent lack of distance running that 10 minute miles were reasonable.  So we started off.  There was 15,000 people participating in this race.  It took us 11 minutes to cross the starting line from where we were!  That was kind of crazy!  But once we were across the line, we started running.  And we were doing well, sticking to our 10 minute mile goal. 

We ran the first 5 miles in about 50 minutes.  After that, Jess’s knee started to go.  We didn’t slow down though and just kept going for our ten minute mile hope.  At mile 6 the knee just went.  She started to fall and I held out my arm.  She grabbed on and we kept going.  We were moving a little slower, but we kept going and she kept hobbling.  We crossed the finish line arm in arm in just over an hour!  We were really happy.  I don’t have our finishing picture yet (I am going to go look for it!) but here we are after Jess got the ability to walk back:


I did this, and now I am ready for marathon training.  I am excited to get this show on the road!


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