NoJoMo–Day 10

Today’s thankful is a given.  I am thankful that at 3:30 pm, I am leaving work, stopping at the bank to get some cash, and then picking up my husband so we can go to the airport.  And then, after we eat dinner at Outback steakhouse (our ALWAYS airport eats – I am eating a grilled chicken sandwich with steamed broccoli, no butter, I already checked it out) we will be on a plane headed to Las Vegas!

Oh how I have needed a vacation.  So Sparkies, after today and prior to Tuesday, if you want my updates, check in on my blogger.  I know I have posted the link before!

Yesterday’s lunch:
The asparagus did not even make it to my desk.  I ate it all (raw) while I was heating up my plain chicken breast and my plain brown rice.  So yeah, no color to yesterday’s lunch.  I took a picture of my dinner as well, sitting in its ziploc baggies and tupperware on my desk at school.  Unfortunately it seems as my phone hates me right now so I cannot dig it up.  Suffice to say, it was a boring meal plan meal that was completely plain.  I had 1 cup spinach dressed with 1/2 tbsp olive oil and 1/2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar, 5 oz of chicken breast, and 1/2 cup of sweet potato.  The usual. :)

So it was my very last class last night.  I am SO glad that it is over.  I am not glad that of the three parts of the exam that I have taken, I need to retake 2 of them.  And one of them, I am CERTAIN I would have passed had the circumstances been even SLIGHTLY different.  I think I wrote about the drama that surrounded my last testing due to me changing my name due to my marriage after I had registered for the exam.  So considering I almost did not get to TAKE the exam, I consider myself to be pretty pleased that I only missed by 3 pts.  I think that is the first one that I will take over, since I should not need to study like crazy mad. 

When I got home from class last night, J was just getting home from hanging out with his buddy Brian.  He had a 31 order for me from Brian’s wife’s 31 party which I attended a few weeks ago.  I bought myself a lunch bag (packing tupperware every single day for 2 meals + 2 snacks needs a bigger bag!) plus I got my sis a lunch bag and my mom a Christmas gift (which will be filled with wine soon!)  Which qualified me for 2 of their organizer bags at $7 apiece.  for $7, I couldn’t turn those down, so yeah…  bought them too!  I am sticking one of them with my sister’s lunch bag and towels that I bought her for Christmas, and keeping the other… I think.

This morning was stressful.  J did not really pack last night, but told me to get up and go to the gym anyway, and he would be ready to go when I got home at 6 am.  Yeah.  he was not up.  So the morning consisted of running around, getting packed and getting the car loaded.  I did not even make my breakfast, so it was definitely a hodgepodge of food.  AFTER I got to work.  I had a quaker chewy granola bar, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, and a chobani yogurt.  WAY too much sugar to be good for me.  It could have been way worse for sure, but ugh.  I am flustered with myself.

I am going to do do my pushups in a few minutes in our “game room” at work since I did not have time to do them this morning.  I gotta keep on track!  Today’s sets are as follows:
Set 1 – 22
Set 2 – 30
Set 3 – 20
Set 4 – 20
Set 5 – Max (min of 28)

Ok – I am going for it!!


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