NoJoMo–Day 1

Yes, my titles are totally going to be this boring for the month. Maybe not for the entire month, but in general. I really do want to accomplish this NoJoMo finally. Lord knows I have been trying for the last several years unsuccessfully. So here is the first entry on that monthly goal!

I am a little sad this morning that I missed Trick or Treating last night. Especially because it seems like we might have had a decent number of kids. There were 6 pieces of candy left when I got home last night. Looks like I bought the right amount this year, which is definitely good. Last year we had candy left for what felt like forever. So hooray. Granted, I have no idea how many pieces J ate last night, but I am just glad that I am not subject to it. Especially those kit kats that I bought!

I called my dad last night. Some times you just need your family. And yes, I know that J is my family now, but I needed to talk about him. I think he is starting to feel some pressure around me competing and is getting grumpy about it, which naturally stresses me out a lot. I just really want him to be supportive. Especially with my renewed vigor towards meeting this goal.

Here are my thoughts surrounding his… off reaction:
1. This does take a coach for me. That’s an expense.
2. I am in class two night per week (only 3 more classes though!) so being gone to work out with Mike on Sundays is one time where we could be together that we are not.
3. He’s not comfortable with the “emily onstage in a bikini” thing.
4. This means my diet is strict. And I am ok with it. He is not. Does he feel guilty? I cook him what he wants to eat, because my diet is super bland. I do my best to be semi-normal while we’re out right now.

I don’t know. For right now, I am going to just get through the next two weeks of classes and stuff, and then kind of see how things go when I am home every night. Hopefully that will help clear things up.

My dad said it is so important for us to be working on our relationship and who we are as a couple right now. And even though we have been together for a few years, it is almost like a new relationship now that we are married. I guess he is right. He says he knows from experience how important this time is. So I really need to dedicate time to him when I am home right now, we need to eat our dinners together DAILY (well, except when I am at school for the next two weeks) and really enjoy each other. I am still going to continue with my training, eating and workouts, because that is the “emily” thing that I do, but other than that, its about us. I think for right now, that is the best that I can do. :-) So I am going to try.

Oh! And since November is Thanksgiving month - I want to say something that I am grateful for everyday. Today I am grateful for my first run in 6 weeks. Only two miles, but it will take time to get back to where I was...


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