NoJoMo - Day 29

This morning, on the second to last day of the thankful challenge, I am thankful for the gym. And this has even BIGGER meaning than my normal workouts, because J is joining the gym that I go to, YAY!!! Today at lunchtime I am going over there to get my lifting workout in AND to sign him up for the gym! I cannot wait for him to start going again. That is something that is so important for me to share with him.

This picture here is the dog's "cup". It's what I use to scoop dog food for those two bozos that live in my house. Apparently yesterday Teek got to it (I know to blame her as Zeus still is in his crate all day while I am gone!) And now it is completely broken (and it does not scoop very well, I tried it). So I guess I need to find something else to scoop dogfood with, this morning I used my hands. To be honest, dog food is kinda crumbly and stuff, so I definitely need to get a cup for it.

I just have no clue how Teek does it. That dog (who is tiny, by the way) manages to get things that are on the counter. And not just sitting on the edge of the counter, but sitting somewhere in the middle of the thing. Especially if it is something she wants to eat. In the last 3 weeks it has been two oatmeal cookies and half a loaf of bread that I bought especially to go with the lasagna that I made for J and I on Sunday night! She makes me nuts.

Since I am working on adjusting a few of my 101 things in 1001 days goals based on the fact that I am no longer competing, today's plan was to work toward a NEW goal. I want to run a sub 25 5K. I am sure that is something that is easy-peasy for a lot of people out there. But it is NOT for me, so I am starting to integrate some speedwork into my workouts.

Both of the above pictures are from my treadmill workout this morning, which included some speedwork. In order to get the sub-25, I want to be comfortable with 8 minute miles. Yes, I could technically go a little slower, but if I get good there, then i will be much easier! The first picture is starting into my cooldown and the bottom is the end of the workout. So I did 5x400 at an 8 minute mile pace. In between I ran for .5 miles at a 6.0 pace. The warm up (5 minutes) and cool down (5 minutes) were walked. I ran 3.75 miles of that total! I am pleased, even though the 8 minute miles were tough! It will get better. I am sure of it.

I have to find another goal or two to swap out some OTHER 101 goals with non-competition goals, but this sub-25 is a good start!

Today has been a pretty stressful day. Work is hectic and complicated. Found out my first set of friends to get maried (6 years this past July) are also going to be the first divorced, and I am feeling sad about it. REALLY sad.

This mornings breakfast was a smoothie in a bowl. berries, casein protein powder (makes it much thicker, hence the need for the bowl!) and a boatload of spinach. Yum!

Quick comment... I need to be more open minded. I know a lot about working out, but there are OTHER ways of doing things other than the lifting slow and heavy approach that I take. I worked out with a trainer yesterday at my new gym. You apparently get one session when you join, so I took full advantage. This girl kicked my butt! I was super pleased. I will definitely be incorporating some of what she taught me into my regulary workouts, maybe once per week. So that was super exciting and fun!


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