NoJoMo - Day 23

Today on my 23rd day of my Thankful challenge, I am thankful for last night.  Being at the theater made me miss it.  And even though I have gone to MANY other shows (J and I have our season tickets), this was the first time I felt sad that I have not been participating as much.  I am slightly more inspired now to audition for a show, which I have not done in more than a year (and I haven't been in one for more than 2!)  Wicked was very good, as you would expect.  So maybe I will be auditioning for the MCP summer show, "Damn Yankees".  J is even considering it.  He wants to sing "Wonderful" from Wicked at his audition.  Lol. 

Quickly, I am going to give you a little photo tour of my walk to the restaurant upon arriving downtown to go to the theater last night.  I parked at the Fountain Square Garage, and after exiting, I am greeting with this:
The fountain that Fountain Square is named for.  Iconic Cincinnati.  Its not turned on now, they turn it off in the winter, but once my dad and I were present for Fountain Day (when they turn it back on).  We even got our picture taken for one of the local free papers when we were there.

Since it is "winter" now, (and an amazing 60 degrees yesterday!) they have the square ice skating rink up.  One of my 101 items is to go skating there.  I am hoping that this winter it happens. 

That is one end of the rink with the little "warming house" and place that you can rent skates at.  There were some little puddles on the rink last night, however, I guess that is to be expected with how warm it was! 

Did you know that the World Choir Games are taking place in Cincinnati next fall?  Here's how long we have until they happen:

225 days.  I guess now it probably says 224 days?  Being a choir kid, this makes me kind of excited, even though I know that makes me super nerdy. :-)

 Oh and, yes, we have been a state (Ohio) next to Pennsylvania for a long time, however something from PA recently made an entrance to Ohio.

Oh yes.  We now have Yuengling here.  Jason used to love this stuff and seek it.  He had people who lived in other states bring it when they came to visit, we stopped at a gas station in TN on our way to NOLA 2 years ago to get some, etc.  And now, is available here.  He ordered one at BW3 a few weeks back (the first time it was available that he was out) and after one was pretty much over it and back to Miller Lite.  I was pretty sure that is how it would be, that it would not matter so much anymore once he could get it!

I had my doctors appointment yesterday.  He gave me a suggestion about my feet based on the numbness I was describing.  He showed me where my veins run through my feet, and then he lined up my shoes with those veins.  Basically, I tie my shoes too tightly.  That is ok, he just suggested I skip one of the holes for my laces to give that part of my foot more room.  Its right above my arch, which is being held up by my new orthotics, so it is closer to the top of my shoe now than it used to be.  Does that make sense?

So I am looking at resetting a few of my 101 Things in 1001 days goals. I have a lot of competition related stuff on there, and well, that's out now, so I kind of need to resort that.  I honestly have not yet figured out what to add to that list instead.  Its weird, and I am feeling a little lost on it.

I was looking at Jamie Eason's trainer on and honestly, I am already lifting in a VERY similar manner.  So I guess I would have to clean up my diet to get those results.  Because my workouts would not really change.  So I don't think that's going to be one of my new goals.  Bummer.  I am really kind of fresh out of what my goals should be.  Maybe I will explore some of the popular ones on the website to see if I can find some non-competition replacements. 


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