NoJoMo - Day 22

On day 22 of my November Thanksgiving/thankful challenge, I am thankful for the gym.  I really enjoy the time that I spend there, working on ME every morning.  It makes me feel good, strong and confident!  And that cannot be a bad thing!

Tonight J and I have plans and tickets to go to the theater!  We have tickets to Wicked.  It is part of our season at the Aranoff.  This is only the second show (of 6) and that kind of seems hard to believe since it is already November!  We are meeting Chuck and Sara for dinner at Nada beforehand.  We have had dinner there the four of us one other time, and it was awesome, so I think that is why it was selected for a second trip.  Apparently J and I are buying dinner, at least that is what I heard him tell Chuck the other night, as a "congrats, you're pregnant" dinner.  Nada is like "fancy Mexican" - if there is something like that.  I like to get the chicken tacos.  They have chicken, guac, black bean puree and all kinds of yumminess.  My goal is to go light on the chips and salsa.

I did week 5, day one of my push up challenge yesterday.  I am getting so close!  I cannot wait to say that I did 100 push ups nonstop.  And that day will be here soon.  My goal is to get there before Christmas.  Yesterdays sets were as follows:
Set 1 - 28
Set 2 - 35
Set 3 - 25
Set 4 - 22
Set 5 - 36
I felt pretty good about them.  The more that I start doing, the more difficult it is getting, but I always finish.  I figure that is a huge plus, right?

Today at 3 pm I am back to my podiatrist.  Apparently I am never going to escape him.  I will continue to see him ever two weeks forever.  (Ok, probably not, but right now it feels like it!)  I am going to have to tell him about my numb toes thing.  With my new orthotics, my feet/toes have not hurt at all, even while running, and even when I wore them all day in Las Vegas when I was only supposed to wear them for 4 hours (whoops!).  But when I run, sometimes I stop feeling my toes.  Does that sound weird?  I mean, it is probably because they don't really touch my shoe on the bottom anymore, they are kind of lifted up to prevent too much impact from hitting my toes and causing another fracture, but its still weird, and I will feel better after I talk to him about it.

Turns out, I love Fresca.
Anyone else on this bandwagon with me?  Yum.  Not all the time, since I have done such a good job of kicking my diet coke habit, but nothing wrong with occasionally drinking this, right?


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