NoJoMo - Day 21

Today, on Day 20 of my Thankful Challenge, I am thankful for my husband who seems to love me unconditionally, quirks and all.  I know that is what being married is all about, but I am still so thankful for it.  I really did feel like crying when my Mom left yesterday, and so I was glad to have him there for me.  It definitely used to be MUCH worse when I was living by myself and my mom left me! 

This weekend I ran in the Girls on the Run 5k.  I was a running buddy for a little girl named Maggie.  We did really well, and she only wanted to stop to walk once, and not for very long.  We wound up finishing right around 30 minutes, so I was very pleased with us BOTH!

Here are some pictures from the crowds at the race.


There were tons of people there, as evidenced from the above photos!  I had a good time, and I will probably run again in the spring.  I loved how it was such a family event.  There were moms dads and siblings all running to support the girls, plus a TON of people to cheer everyone on!

Yesterday after my mom left, I wanted to accomplish one more thing in my house that was related to decorating for Christmas, so I got the tree in the basement set up.  This is J's tree.  He wanted it to be an Ohio State Buckeyes tree so we have been collecting OSU ornaments, as well as some general red and gray ones.  Everytime my mom comes over she has more ornaments for J and his tree.  I am really pleased with how it turned out. I know that picture is not the most perfect picture, but it does give you an IDEA of how the tree looks!  I think J really likes it too.  I like to try and incorporate my obscene love of holiday with his ideas of things that he likes.  So, OSU Christmas tree.  Not the main one, but where he spends the most time!
After doing those things, I had to set myself down and really focus on studying for my CPA exam.  I had the last section this morning.  It went ok, I have no idea though.  It is supposed to be the hardest section of the exam (financial) so I really have no way to predicting how I did on it at this point, but at least there was not the drama of trying to get them to let me take the exam like there was for the last section! 

Last night when I was studying, something happened that has been happening since Brit Lit in high school.  My hair ended up french braided.

Once again the picture has the gray on the side.  Grr!  But I used to come to class in the 11th grade, brit lit, and by the end of the class I would have french braided pigtails.  Almost every single day!  Lol.  I guess hard studyingdoes that to me?  So this time it was kind of a french braided headband from one ear to the other.  Not sure I would ever wear it like that outside of my home, but hey, it did not look awful! 

Have a great thanksgiving week everyone!


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